Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronouce "Sheau"?

Let us Sheau you how to say it… Sheau is pronounced like “show” as in “sheau-off your brand” or “sheau-case your upcoming event” - see what we did there? Yep, just us, sheau-ing off. Ok we’re done.

What types of brands does Sheau work with?

The Sheau community is made up of emerging consumer brands across a variety of sectors including, health & wellness, beauty, food & beverage, fashion, and home goods, among others. We also welcome experts and service providers such as fitness studios, chefs, meditation instructors and career coaches. Simply put, if you’re looking to collaborate with like-minded brands to create digital content, you’re a fit for the Sheau network! All brands and experts are pre-screened before gaining access to Sheau.

Why join Sheau?

Because paid marketing is expensive and Sheau offers an alternative - partnership marketing. Businesses recognize the value of partnership marketing, and actively seek out cross-promotional opportunities. The problem is discovery - there’s currently no efficient way for like-minded brands to find one another and easily coordinate events that engage their shared audience. That’s where Sheau comes in. Using the Sheau network, you can search for brand partners based on event type, audience demographics, or event topic.

What costs are associated with joining the Sheau network?

The Sheau network is currently free to join and use. While we plan to incorporate a subscription fee down the road once the network scales, our focus today is serving our community of brands and helping them coordinate meaningful and engaging digital events.

Is Sheau only geared towards digital events? What about in-person events?

The Sheau network was originally built to help emerging digital brands launch pop-ups and other real world activations. The platform connected brands looking for event space with brick-and-mortar partners (hotels, retailers, and apartment complexes) that wanted to host those events. Our ethos has always been focused on facilitating collaborative relationships, not transactional ones. We believe magic is born when great brands come together. The idea was never to create a rental platform, where brands paid to access physical space. But rather, to bring like-minded brands together that would equally benefit from the foot traffic and marketing exposure of the event. While we await the resurgence of experiential retail and in-person events, Sheau remains focused on helping brands engage their online audience with digital events. Consumers want content that's entertaining, educational, and engaging. We’re here to help you deliver it.

Does Sheau help with the coordination of events?

We do! In addition to helping you discover great brand partners and event opportunities, Sheau also simplifies the coordination process using our Collaboration Form. The Event Collaboration Form is a dynamic document that is shared among collaborating counterparties, keeping all event details in one, easily accessible location and all brand partners on the same page.

I don’t have an idea for an event. What now?

Not to worry! One of the major benefits of joining the Sheau network is the opportunity to see the different events being organized by other Sheau community members who are looking for partners. Maybe there’s an upcoming panel discussion that’s a great fit for your expertise, or a giveaway campaign that’s perfectly aligned with your customers. Signal your interest in collaborating on that event with one click!

I created my profile and explored Sheau but haven’t come across the right brand partner for my business. Can you help?

Good news - we add new brand partners on a weekly basis, so we encourage you to check back in! Our team would also love to know what you’re working on so we can do our best to help you find the right brand partner. Email and we’ll get right on it!